Here are some highlights, please contact me for a full list of presentations and appearancesAndrea-Hackl-2

A. M. Hackl. (June, 2018). Creating assessment tools for algorithmic accountability. Workshop conducted at Citizen Lab Summer Institute, Toronto, CAN.

A. M. Hackl, L. Reed, D. Krivokapic & V. Joler. (May, 2018). Exploring standards for algorithmic transparency. Workshop conducted at re:publica 18, Berlin, GER.

A. M. Hackl & Lil Miss Hot Mess. (April, 2016). Online platforms, policy designs and minority expression. Paper presented at Theorizing the Web, New York City, NY

T. Sargsyan, A. M. Hackl, T. Milosevic. (October, 2015). Privatized governance of privacy, free expression, intellectual property rights and cyberbullying. Fishbowl session at the 16th annual meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers, Phoenix, AZ.

C. Katzenbach, K. Gollatz, J. Hoffmann, F. Musiani, D. Epstein, L. DeNardis, A. M. Hackl, & J. F. Blanchette. (October, 2015). Doing Internet governance – STS-informed perspectives on ordering the net. Paper presented at the 16th annual meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers, Phoenix, AZ.

T. Sargsyan & A. M. Hackl. (May, 2015). Who should speak? Enforcing Twitter’s user policy. Paper presented at the 65th conference of the International Communication Association, San Juan, PR.

A. M. Hackl, A. B. Becker, & T. Maureen (November, 2014). “I am Chelsea Manning.” Comparison of gendered representation of Private Manning in U.S. and international newspapers. Paper presented at the National Communication Association, 100th Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

C. Wood, & A. M. Hackl (June, 2014). Queer women & broadband technologies: Towards a more inclusive research agenda. Presentation at Queer Women who Tech Summit (based on a paper authored by Mary L. Gray and Jessie Daniels), New York City, NY.

A. M. Hackl, C.R. Boyer & M. P. Galupo (October 2012). Bringing us all together?: Implications for changing language in the print media discourse of same-sex marriage from 2004-2012.Paper presented at Transcending Boundaries Conference, Springfield, MA.

A. M. Hackl (September 2012). Social media changing the world: How the new media advocates LGBT rights. Paper presented at Radically Gay. The Life & Visionary Legacy of Harry Hay Conference. The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at CUNY, New York City, NY.


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