Research & Writing

Academic Writing

L. DeNardis, & A. M. Hackl. (2016). Internet control points as LGBT rights mediation. Information, Communication & Society.

L. DeNardis, & A. M. Hackl (2015). Internet governance by social media platforms. Telecommunications Policy, 39(9), 761-770.

A. M. Hackl, A. B. Becker, & M. Todd (2015). “I am Chelsea Manning.” Comparison of gendered representation of Private Manning in U.S. and international news media. Journal of Homosexuality, 1-20.

A. M. Hackl, C.R. Boyer, & M. P. Galupo (2013). From “gay marriage controversy” (2004) to “endorsement of same-sex marriage” (2012): Framing bisexuality in the marriage equality discourse. Sexuality And Culture, 17(3), 512-524.

Other Projects

As a senior research fellow and research analyst for Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), I contributed research and writing to RDR’s 2017 and 2018 annual corporate accountability reports.


As a research fellow for the LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute, I wrote a White Paper on the technology needs of homeless LGBTQ youth. This paper helped the organization develop a cellphone program for homeless LGBTQ youth.

lgbt tech

I have a strong interest in the history of the LGBTQ rights movement and had the opportunity to write two contributions for the encyclopedia project Proud Heritage. My entries focus on the Proposition 8 movement in California as well as LGBTQ rights in Massachusetts.


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