Research & Writing

Blog Posts

My writing has largely focused on LGBTQ rights issues and the intersections of tech policy and human rights. You can find examples of my writing on the Ranking Digital Rights corporate accountability project blog as well as the LGBT Technology Partnership and Institute website.

Academic Writing

L. DeNardis, & A. M. Hackl. (2016). Internet control points as LGBT rights mediation. Information, Communication & Society.

L. DeNardis, & A. M. Hackl (2015). Internet governance by social media platforms. Telecommunications Policy, 39(9), 761-770.

A. M. Hackl, A. B. Becker, & M. Todd (2015). “I am Chelsea Manning.” Comparison of gendered representation of Private Manning in U.S. and international news media. Journal of Homosexuality, 1-20.

A. M. Hackl, C.R. Boyer, & M. P. Galupo (2013). From “gay marriage controversy” (2004) to “endorsement of same-sex marriage” (2012): Framing bisexuality in the marriage equality discourse. Sexuality And Culture, 17(3), 512-524.

Other Projects

As a senior research fellow and research analyst for Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), I contributed research and writing to RDR’s 2017 and 2018 annual corporate accountability reports.


As a research fellow for the LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute, I wrote a White Paper on the technology needs of homeless LGBTQ youth. This paper helped the organization develop a cellphone program for homeless LGBTQ youth.

lgbt tech

I have a strong interest in the history of the LGBTQ rights movement and had the opportunity to write two contributions for the encyclopedia project Proud Heritage. My entries focus on the Proposition 8 movement in California as well as LGBTQ rights in Massachusetts.


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